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Benefits of seed treatment

Seed treatment

Seed treatments are the application of biological organisms, drugs, and/or chemical additives. These are used to kill, repel, or control insects, pathogens, or other pests attacking seeds or the seedlings of a plant. Insecticides, Nematicides, and fungicides are common seed treatment practices throughout the country.

Seed treatment products offer numerous benefits to farmers from enhanced plant growth through the decreased impact of chemicals on the soil environment. Seed treatments play a crucial role in agriculture and healthy crop production. Through this process targeted accuracy, selective monitor of pests control is made possible, accompanied by ensuring no harm to beneficial insects.

This effective and controlled method allows the efficient use of pesticides and decreases the number of chemicals used. Treated seeds help reduce pesticide exposure to off-target plants as they are planted underneath the surface of the soil.

Here are a few benefits that seed treatments that are producing a massive impact on yield production:

  1. Cost-Effective
  2. Agronomic benefits
  3. User-friendly
  4. Extensive protection
  5. Targeted protection
  6. Reduced environmental effect


Any external treatment will bring along with them a lot of dents on the finances. Seed treatment has eliminated this drawback as the products of seed treatment are advantageous in terms of chemicals sprinkled per hectare on the entire yield.

Agronomic Benefits

Scientific studies demonstrated that products used in seed treatment maximise planting and primary plant growth that consequently increase the forage yield. Plants protected by seed treatment can endure external influences during the uniform and early establishment of plant growth.


The wide use of seed treatment has eliminated the chemical sprays on the crops and their adverse effect on the people applying the spray. Unlike foliar spray applications which are highly contagious, the seed treatment protects both human and plant alike.

Targeted Protection

Seed treatment is used against several common pests and diseases. Even though such products don’t affect beneficial organisms needed for the growth of the plant, like earthworms.

Extensive protection

The active chemical ingredients in such treatments are systemically formulated in the root of the plant and are transported through the developing plant. This method provides increased and safe protection from pesticides during the initial stages of plant growth.

Reduced environmental effect

Seed treatments contain anti pesticides active ingredients in a very small and therefore the quantity of chemicals added to the soil is diminutive compared to applications for broad-acre application.

Concluding word

Seed treatments have become a standard practice for most farmers to boost the establishments of the crop and get seedlings to have a healthy growth; proving to be an excellent option to optimise crop production. So far, seed treatments in corn, soybeans, wheat, and cotton are providing satisfactory early control seasons of seed and seedling.

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